Are you up to your ears in paperwork?

Say goodbye to the headaches, wasted time, and frustration of bookkeeping.
We help you get back to focusing on what you love - your patients.


The Average Veterinary Practice Spends 5 Hours Per Week On Bookkeeping

Someone needs to take charge of the finances, but hiring an outside employee is costly, and doing it yourself takes time.

Adding another full or part-time employee for bookkeeping means:

More paperwork – Human resource administration – Time


Handling the books yourself leaves less time for:

Patients – Business growth – Enjoyment


What if you didn’t have to rely on either?

My Vet Bookkeeper knows just how time consuming running a veterinarian practice can be.

With over 17 years of experience, we’ve grown to understand the most pressing needs of busy vets and their growing offices.

We’re here to lift the weight of financial management off your back, and let you get back to your patients and practice.

Your goals are our goals. We focus on:

1. Peace Of Mind

Remove stress and fatigue from your business for more peace of mind.

Managing your bookkeeping, finances, and paperwork are the last things you want to do. However, trusting someone else with your books can be just as stressful. With My Vet Bookkeeper, you don’t have to worry.

We take those frustrating tasks off your hands - completely. With us, your financial back office will always stay up to date, giving you the confidence to take your business to the next step.

From the smallest of details to your largest, most pressing needs, we are here, listening, and ready. If you ever have a question or are unsure about how to handle your back office, breathe easy. That’s our job, not yours. Our team is here to take care of you.

2. Saving Time

Save time on tedious, financial related tasks.

When you spend time training existing employees to do your books, hiring an outside hand to manage your finances, or doubling down and sorting through the piles of paperwork yourself, it’s hard to place your full focus on what’s most important - your patients.

On top of that, ensuring every detail is correct can be nearly impossible, causing high levels of stress on your practice.

More often than not, the stress of keeping finances in order falls to the wayside, which can quickly turn into a much larger problem.

My Vet Bookkeeper ensures the stressors of financial management for your veterinary practice are nonexistent from the start. With us, your finances will be in trusted hands.

3. Saving Money

Reduce your overall cost by increasing your effectiveness.

Most veterinary practices spend 4-5 hours per month on bookkeeping tasks. It simply doesn’t make sense to hire a new employee to take them on - added human resource administration is costly.

My Vet Bookkeeper allows you to streamline your practice. Avoid the costs of hiring and training an additional employee, and reduce putting existing resources where they’re simply not effective.


Bookkeeping For Veterinarians Has Never Been So Easy

Did We Mention Saying Goodbye To Paperwork?

Never Sift Or Search Again

Your documents will be stored online, so you’ll never have to file, sift, or sort through paperwork again.

Keep Your Documents Secure

Enjoy a safe and secure cloud storage system, where your files will remain locked away until you need them.

Get Real Time Access

Our online accounting system gives you immediate, real time access to all financial reports, so you’ll stay completely up to date.

Putting Your Priorities First

Providing Bookkeeping For Veterinarians Isn’t Our Only Mission


Just like you have the capability to change animal’s lives, they, too, change ours. 

We feel strongly about the bond between animals and humans, and there’s no better way to show our care than by supporting guide dogs and their communities.

In an effort to help those in need, My Vet Bookkeeper will donate a portion of every fee to a charity that’s close to our heart’s.

Rest assured, each time you make a payment for our bookkeeping services, a generous portion will go straight back to the animals and communities you’ve dedicated your career to helping.


Get back your wasted hours, put your resources where they’re most effective, and move forward with confidence and peace of mind. My Vet Bookkeeper is the answer to hands-off financial management for your busy, growing veterinary practice.

Request your free consultation today, and take the next step toward getting back to what really matters - your patients.